T20 Cricket Fever

Platform :


Windows mobile 7.5

Company :

The Walt Disney Co.

India–Disney/UTV– Indiagames


Project Duration :

Feb 2012 – June 2012


Type : Casual

About Project

This project was for sake of the discussion is a port of Indiagames popular cricket game “Cricket Fever“. The original game was made in a legacy game engine called “ICE” whose original developers where not reachable during development. So the project from proving got converted into a full scale re-development using the XNA framework from scratch. A clone was developed. On completion due to some fallout of agreement with Nokia, the game was vaulted and never releas


-> Worked out an engine framework using FSM that was used in the later projects

-> Cornerstone programmer from Prototyping to Completion

-> Working with milestones and deadline

-> Implementing UI interactions and Gameplay where my major responsibility