Hitout Heroes

Platform :



Gameplay Video

Removed from stores,

Now Embedded into

handsets directly

Company :

The Walt Disney Co.

India–Disney/UTV– Indiagames


Project Duration :

Augest 2012 – January 2014

Released – 1st September 2013

Type : Casual and Arcade

About Project

At NGF Awards 2013 Hitout Heroes bagged 1 st runner up award in the Game of the Year category.

Its an all out ball hitting game, using sling mechanics. It included high quality and variety of different characters from Goonda to Saadhu to Kaamwali-Bai. This was our first venture into free to play model and adoption of Unity game engine in to the company. It has one of the best intro videos made by Punit Gor [See here]. It played out the initial ideas of store, and customisable items and power which later where used in the next generation of games developed by the studio


-> Optimisation of code cycles and GC calls for mobile platforms

-> Cornerstone programmer from Prototyping to Release

-> Managing not only Milestones but daily builds and working with tight deadlines

-> Implementing UI interactions and Gameplay where my major responsibility

-> Making the designers ideas in to reality with respect to power-ups and playability

-> Extending unity editor windows and inspectors to create toolsets to difficult patterns, AI state implementations, Ball and probability of power-ups

-> Working with the 3D team and animator to ensure all the assets were properly integrated and working inside the game

-> Creating a system of dynamically loading sounds from resources to reduce the memory footprint