Cross Cultural Training

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Indusgeeks Pvt Ltd

Type : Serious Game

About Project

Cross Cultural Training is customized its Cultural solution to create 3 gamified scenarios, designed to assist employees of an IT Services Giant, with a globally spread out workforce, who are temporarily working in a new country, with self-paced, cross-cultural acclimatization. Through understanding the nuances of a different culture and interactive with a variety of people in a safe environment, the game helped prepare them for the move in terms of manner of speaking, jargon and customs and lower culture shock, enabling them to settle in quicker and work more effectively.


-> Developing 3D multiuser virtual world applications for corporate training and educational purpose

-> Worked extensively and developed virtual walkthrough in a 3d environment using Unity 3D.

-> Hands on experience Game Designing, Technical architecture designing and Game play programming.

-> Developing a GUI system in unity engine which will be more attractive and smooth interaction with the virtual word entities.