About Me

I Make Games

I am yet to understand why it’s so difficult to write or even talk about myself. I don’t think i’m too complicated to get to know, and i’m pretty likable considering Global Averages obviously. For now i’m just gonna blabber about myself, and if you find me interesting, do connect with me through any channel that’s comfortable to you from here

I remember playing very old DOS games, that were played by putting in big 3.5” floppies in an IBM pc. I used to go to my ‘partner in most crimes‘ place to play. He had a Pentium 2 and we used to play ‘Crusader : No Remorse‘ on it. My own upgrade to a good PC came pretty late, directly in the age of Pentium 3. Here I started with NFS-2 and since then till date I play all the games, I can get my hand on. Even i face the same problem most gamers do, i just have too many games on my steam account, that i yet have to finish

Its this love interest, in playing games, that drove me to pursue a dream of becoming a game developer. Well this path ain’t easy in itself, but it’s more difficult here in India, now this is a topic of bigger discussion, on which i plan to write when i do come around to it. But this, helped me avoid the general IT path that most my peers here in India take, and explore the less traversed path

I am loving every movement of it, and am thankful to my support system that enabled me to take this direction [very required – India – totally another discussion – trust me]

My primary skillset have currently evolved into being a great developer for Unity3D. I am aiming to become a full stack developer for game development, with skillsets that qualify me as technical architect, where in somewhere down the line, i become one of the goto persons for consultancy of game development. With this is mind, my immediate goal is to work on diverse development projects, continuously creating opportunity for myself to further improve my knowledge and understanding, keeping myself surrounded with people better than me, and always be in the ‘absorption mode’

Over my experience in game development, i have developed quite a varied interest, being part of small team, enabled me to understand a 3D modeling suite pretty well, it’s not like i model anything, but it helped me better understand shader, UV, modelling, unwrapping and most jargons related to it. I ain’t completely lost with 3D modelling heavy discussions. Working with designers and product managers, how they try and predict Human behaviour, i developed a keen interest in understanding individual as well as crowd behaviour and psychology, understanding why something works and why something does not. Working with a programming team that was well known for doing remote work, was i truly introduced to the concepts of writing code and programs that is easy to understand, as if reading a newpaper. The concepts i’m talking about are “Clean Code” and “Clean Coder” as popularised by Robert Martin. I am every working to integrate those ideas into my development, programming style and attitude

Change is the only constant in life

There is lot, but this does give a good introduction of me on a professional level, for a personal level introduction, i seriously don’t know where to start, for this we would just have to start exchanging ideas. Embracing changes and saying yes to opportunity has got me to where i’m currently. If you have some opportunity, you seem to find me suitable to for, i love to discuss it, or just need some help, or something you would like to teach me too, please connect with me here